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Perfect Alpine Installation in Your Audi TT (8J)
Integrated-Navigation-Audi-TT-8J_X803D-TT_3D-Map Works-with-Apple-CarPlay-for-Audi-TT-8J_X803D-TT_Menu-WhatsApp_Spotify-Waze Android-Auto-compatibility-for-Audi-TT-8J_X803D-TT_Google-Maps Android-Auto-compatibility-for-Audi-TT-8J_X803D-TT_Music-Weather Navigation-System_for-Audi-TT-8J_X803D-TT_Waze Navigation-System_for-Audi-TT-8J_X802D-TT_DAB-Car-Radio Integrated-Navigation-Audi-TT-8J_X803D-TT_3D-Map-2 Navigation-System-for-Audi-TT_X803D-U_Apple-CarPlay-Map Navigation-System_for-Audi-TT-8J_X802D-TT_with-DAB-Radio-Bluetooth-DVD

8 inch Navigation for Audi TT (8J) featuring Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, DAB+ digital radio and much more.


This 8-inch Navigation System is specifically designed  for the Audi TT (8J) model year 2006 – 2014 .

The X803D-TT offers cutting edge navigation including turn-by-turn arrow guidance in the multi-function display, paired with DAB+, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility.

This Product includes all parts for mechanical fitting as well as a steering wheel remote control interface featuring CAN to analogue conversion for ACC, Vehicle Speed Pulse and parking brake signals.

It also includes an interface which supports the car’s radio display information in the driver information system as well as an antenna adapter with phantom feed.


TuneIt_TTS_icon TomTom-Maps_icon 3-years-Free-Map-Update_icon Alpine_Naviextras_icon androidauto_icon tmc_solo_icon.gif DAB_Plus_icon rds.gif 50w_x_4_icon.gif 24bit.gif bassengine_pro_white_icon Bass_SQ_2013_icon 9band_ParametricEQ_icon 6chTCR_TimeCorrection_icon Crossover_icon.gif HDMI_icon 3_Pre-amplified_outputs_icon media_expander.gif SW_Level_icon.gif data_download_icon flac_icon aac.gif mp3.gif wma.gif Vehicle-Data-Bus-Interface-Ready_icon remote_ready.gif camera_ready_icon Buetooth-Icon.gif Made_for_iPod_iPhone.gif usb_icon.gif front_usb_icon.gif usb.gif
Product Info
Supports basic functions of original steering wheel remote control
Retains visual representation of Driver Information Display

Supports basic functions of original Steering Wheel Control Buttons

The Alpine system is connected to your steering wheel control buttons. This means you do not lose this convenient feature when upgrading to Alpine and you will have control over volume, phone (hook on/off), audio track forward/backward and many other commands. You can even activate Siri voice control if you have an iPhone connected to the system – right from your steering wheel.

Retains Driver Information Display

The small display in the instrument cluster is also connected to the Alpine system and can display radio station names, song titles and artist information, caller names, navigation turn-by-turn arrows (2nd generation of Alpine Style headunits only) and much more.

Retains visual representation of Parking Sensors


If your vehicle is equipped with original front and rear parking sensors and display unit, you will maintain this functionality when upgrading to the Alpine system. The parking sensor system connects to the Alpine unit, to graphically display obstacles while parking your car. This premium infotainment system features the 2nd generation parking sensor display with highly improved display detail. *If your vehicle is not equipped with an original display for parking sensors, there is still the option to adjust the vehicle settings to allow the parking sensor operation with your Alpine system to work properly. Please contact your local dealer for more detailed information.

Eigenschappen Specificaties


  • Compatible with Audi TT (8J).
  • Steering wheel remote control interface with CAN to analogue conversion, addition of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) and OPS (Optical Parking Sensor) screens and SIRI support.
  • For more details please visit our X803D-U website.

Compatible Cars

Model year
TT (8J)
2006 – 2014


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