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CAN to Video Interface




Retains Steering Wheel Functions, Heating Visualisation and Sounds (indicator, warnings etc.).
It even adds Optical Parking Sensor representation, when available.

Car manufacturers have started to visualise certain information in the screen of the factory unit. Also vehicle settings are done through the head unit.
While replacing the original equipment will not limit the functions, drivers will appreciate the ability to retain such visualisations and controls. The APF-V100GM is our solution that allows the customer to receive the same kind of images while operating the heater or air condition controls and also during parking.
All acoustic feedback of the vehicle like indicators, seatbelt warning or ice warning are retained.
It is combined with a Steering Wheel Remote Control Interface.

For all Alpine AV or AVN products with camera direct input.


Big Screen Entertainment


10,2" WVGA-Plafondmonitor met DVD-Speler

Met zijn ingebouwde DVD-speler geeft deze 10,2" plafondmonitor met ultrahoge resolutie u het beste wat car theatre te bieden heeft . Alpine heeft ook verschillende Perfect Fit installatieoplossingen met bijhorende onderdelen en instructies voor een profesionele en goede montage van de plafondmonitor.